Ring Joint Gaskets And Seals

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Ring Joint Gasket and Seals are generally used to seal two or more surfaces together. Ring Joint Gaskets and seals are placed between specific surfaces to prevent the leakage of either gases or fluids.

These seals are generally manufactured from a flexible material such as rubber or even cork. The Ring Joint Gasket or seal is placed between the appropriate surfaces, and the surfaces are then brought together and tightened by various mechanisms. This has the effect of putting pressure on the Ring Joint Gasket or seal which responds by sealing the two surfaces together, thus preventing leakage from the joint.

Ring Joint Gaskets are are used in many industries such as, mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive and the plumbing industry. They are available for many kinds of sealing applications, and these can include, pipe washers, engine Ring Joint Gaskets and washing machine etc. Many Ring Joint Gaskets are commonly manufactured by cutting from sheet materials such as:

4.Cork & Felt
6.Plastic polymers

Some Ring Joint Gaskets which are made for specific purpose are even made from asbestos. Ring Joint Gaskets need to be manufactured from a material that has yielding and deforming qualities, so that they can tightly fill the space and seal any small irregularities. Most Ring Joint Gaskets need to have some form of sealant applied to their surface to enable the Ring Joint Gasket to work properly. Ring Joint Gaskets need to be able to handle high compressive loads and fibre Ring Joint Gaskets are extremely effective for this purpose, and the more compressive load exerted onto the Ring Joint Gasket, the longer the life of the Ring Joint Gasket.

Ring Joint Gaskets need to be manufactured to high standards, and there are several ways to test the compression qualities of the materials used. The 'hot compression test' is an extremely efficient method of testing for these qualities, and most manufactures will publish and provide the results of these tests. There are several different types of Ring Joint Gaskets for various applications and these can include:

1.Sheet Ring Joint Gasket: Ring Joint Gaskets are cut out of a sheet of material such as graphite etc.
2.Solid material Ring Joint Gaskets: made from metal and can withstand high temperatures and pressures.
3.Spiral wound jackets: made from a metallic and filler material.
4.Double jacketed Ring Joint Gaskets: made from metallic and filler materials.
5.Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets: Ring Joint Gaskets have a corrugated core with a flexible covering layer.

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Ring Joint Gaskets And Seals

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This article was published on 2010/11/13